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These are similar to Megalithic burial jars found in South India and the Deccan during a similar time frame. One theory states that there was no organised Tamil presence in Sri Lanka until the invasions from what is now South India in the 10th century CE; another theory contends that Tamil people were the original inhabitants of the island. The “Nakar” used the cobra totem known as “Nakam” in the Tamil language, which is still part of the Hindu Tamil tradition in Sri Lanka today as a subordinate deity. However, Indian history and archaeology have pushed the date back to the 15th century BCE, and in Sri Lanka, there is radiometric evidence from Anuradhapura that the non- Brahmi symbol-bearing black and red ware occurs at least around the 9th or 10th century BCE. Potsherds with early Tamil writing from the 2nd century BCE have been found in excavations in north of the Sri Lanka in Poonagari , bearing several inscriptions including a clan name — vela, a name related to velir from ancient Tamil country. There is epigraphic evidence of people identifying themselves as Damelas or Damedas the Prakrit word for Tamil people in Anuradhapura, the capital city of Rajarata , and other areas of Sri Lanka as early as the 2nd century BCE. The Hoysala influence spread over the Pandya kingdom from whom they gained tribute. The Arya Chakaravarthi expansion into the south was halted by Alagakkonara , [96] a man descended from a family of merchants from Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. Vira Alakeshwara, a descendant of Alagakkonara, later became king of the Sinhalese, [97] but the Ming admiral Cheng Ho overthrew him in The Arya Chakaravarthi dynasty ruled over large parts of northeast Sri Lanka until the Portuguese conquest of the Jaffna Kingdom in

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Tweet I last met Gnani real name: V Sankaran a few weeks ago, at a wedding in Chennai. There was nothing about the journalist-writer that even remotely suggested he would pass away within days, even though he had been undergoing treatment for kidney-related ailments for a while. Friends who met him on Sunday, 14 January — just a day before his demise — express this same sentiment. Veteran journalist Gnani Sankaran, former editor of Dheemtharikida magazine, dies aged 64 Before retiring to bed on Sunday night, after a particularly long and tiring day tailing activist Medha Patkar for an interview to be broadcast on his newly launched YouTube channel, Gnani told his colleagues it felt like the “good old journalism days”.

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Dravidian languages Tamil belongs to the southern branch of the Dravidian languages , a family of around 26 languages native to the Indian subcontinent. The closest major relative of Tamil is Malayalam ; the two began diverging around the 9th century AD. Linguistic reconstruction suggests that Proto-Dravidian was spoken around the third millennium BC, possibly in the region around the lower Godavari river basin in peninsular India. The material evidence suggests that the speakers of Proto-Dravidian were of the culture associated with the Neolithic complexes of South India.

The linguistic evidence suggests that Proto-South-Dravidian was spoken around the middle of the second millennium BC, and that proto-Tamil emerged around the 3rd century BC. The earliest epigraphic attestations of Tamil are generally taken to have been written shortly thereafter. AD of Deccan. Murugan , revered as the Tamil God, along with sage Agastya , brought it to the people. Even though the name of the language which was developed by these Tamil Sangams is mentioned as Tamil, the period when the name “Tamil” came to be applied to the language is unclear, as is the precise etymology of the name.

The earliest attested use of the name is found in Tholkappiyam , which is dated as early as 1st century BC. Subramanian suggests the meaning “sweet sound” from tam — “sweet” and il — “sound”. The earliest records in Old Tamil are short inscriptions from between the 3rd and 2nd century BC in caves and on pottery. These inscriptions are written in a variant of the Brahmi script called Tamil-Brahmi. These include a corpus of 2, poems collectively known as Sangam literature.

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It is going about doing its business without a fuss. A surprising revelation in the data was Tamil Nadu being second among the states in creating employment in the organised sector. For those who have been viewing developments in the state with concerns over protests and violence in some parts dominating the political scenario, it could have been a surprise. But not to those officials who have been silently going about doing their job.

YouTube That Tamil Nadu means business in getting investments into the state is evident from the Edappadi K Palaniswamy government recalling Velmurugan from retirement this March. After having served the bureau for over two decades, he had left it in August

The Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) and other government IT agencies will give a higher thrust to social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC), Massive Online Open Course Content (MOOC), data warehousing and Tamil computing among other areas, according to the policy.

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Posted on 1, March 6, by Tirth. Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu Location: Mahabalipuram, Tamil NaduBuilt in: One of the earliest structural temples in South India Significance:

Located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, the Integral Yoga Institute is a very popular yoga and meditation ashram that conducts classes all the year around which includes a 6 day introductory course, drop in yoga classes and yoga for special groups.

Share Close to villagers held three officers of the Public Works Department hostage to protest illegal sand mining. The protestors also captured 47 trucks which were allegedly being loaded with sand before getting a permit on Friday. After nearly five hours, cops arrived at the spot and promised appropriate action. Following which, the officers taken hostage were freed.

At Sirugambur, a village situated on the banks of the branch of river Cauvery, villagers noticed discrepancy with which the authorities allowed sand to be mined and when questioned, the authorities gave an arrogant reply or none at all. Tamil Nadu is a state plagued by illegal sand mining dating back to nearly two decades which has almost destroyed its river beds.

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Tamils all over the world ar proud of the culture of Tamil Nadu and take great efforts to safegaurd and practise their cultural traits. A distinct ethnic group with a history dating back to Sangam era from B. Their literature can be traced to the grammatical treatise ‘Tolkaapiyam’ written around B. Lord Muruga is the chief deity of Tamils and its six abodes are pilgrims centres located in different parts of the state.

The Newest Weapon in Sri Lankan Politics: Chile Powder in the Eyes. Lawmakers hurled chairs, thick books and stinging chile powder at one another as violence and chaos erupted again on the floor of Sri Lanka’s Parliament on Friday.

Despite the contribution, ASI earmarked Rs5 crore for the maintenance of heritage structures in the state this year. According to details furnished by the Union ministry of culture, Karnataka, which is home to monuments maintained by three different circles, received Rs22 crore. It is followed by the Amaravathi circle in Andhra Pradesh which got Rs6. The Thrissur circle in Kerala has been allocated Rs3. The Hyderabad circle, with eight monuments under its ambit in Telangana, received Rs3.

Sources in ASI said such disproportionate fund allocation has hit conservation work. ASI officials said they required Rs10 crore to maintain monuments in Tamil Nadu besides additional allocation for special work. But given the contribution from TN, the allocation is less, they said.

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Temples of Tamilnadu Thousands of temples with lofty towers dot the skyline of the southernmost state of Tamilnadu in India. These temples are torchbearers of the glorious heritage of the Tamil speaking region, and are repositories of the magnificient art forms that evolved over several centuries. Several of these temples have been glorified by the ancient tamil hymns of the 1st millennium CE. Tamilnadu Temple History and Architecture: The Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagar rulers and the Nayakas have made immense contributions to temple art in Tamilnadu.

The familiar image of Karpaka Vinayakar , is from the ancient rock cut temple at Pillaiyarpatti near Karaikkudi.

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Tamilnadu Monuments Tamil Nadu has a great tradition of history and culture. In ancient, early medieval and medieval period, a number of dynasties ruled over the Tamil land. Many of those rulers were very fond of art and architecture and gave generous patronage to men of letters, sculptors, architects and artists. This saw the Tamil land becoming a hub of many beautiful and amazing monuments, which attract tourists from all over the world to this day.

These monuments speak volumes about the artistic skills and excellence of the sculptors and architects of that period. The temples with their towering gopurams and the rock cut temples leave the connoisseurs speechless. As a result of such great cultural achievements, the state of Tamil Nadu is referred to as the cradle of Dravidian culture, an ancient culture distinguished by unique languages and customs.

Many towns and cities of Tamilnadu are associated with beautiful monuments.

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In my view, he has already made up his mind. He is only looking for the right timing to make the announcement. I think he will launch his own party. Because there is a lot of convergence between him and BJP. First of all, he would not like to have a purely regional setup. He would like to have a national perspective.

R. Nagaswami is an archeologist, art historian, epigrapher, numismatist and a great Sanskrit and Tamil literarist. He is an eloquent speaker, has published 54 books, and produced 13 dance dramas apart from conducting excavations in 10 historic cities as part of his Archaeological work.

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April 29, They point to the existence of 2nd century BC culture and civilisation. I promise to the people of Tamil Nadu that this will continue. He claimed that Tamil Nadu and Tamil language were close to their heart and they had come to ensure that the excavation continued. Tewari denied the charge that the ASI delayed sanction of funds as the site was in Tamil Nadu and attributed the delay to submission of report. The ASI did not have any bias, he said and recalled how it published the findings of excavation of 6th century artefacts in Kodumanal and Porunthal of Tamil Nadu earlier.

AIADMK Supremo Jayalalithaa flashes a victory sign to supporters after winning state election in of Chennai May 13, Jaya is poised for the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu as her party’s.

A huge number of candidates applied and appeared for the exam across various examination centers in Tamil Nadu. All the candidates who had written the exam are searching for the TNPSC Group 2A Answer Key so that they can analyse the performance in the exam and predict the results. The Commission is required to advise the Government on all matters relating to framing of recruitment rules, principles to be followed in making appointments and promotions and transfers from one service to another service, in respect of disciplinary matters affecting Government Servants and to conduct examinations for selection of candidates under direct recruitment to the State, Subordinate and Ministerial Services.

This year it has released notification for the Group 2 posts and the candidates who had appeared for the exam can check the answer key from the official website. Tamil Nadu Group 2 Cutoff Marks TNPSC Group 2A cutoff marks depend on the total number of candidates appeared for the exam, difficulty level of the paper, number of vacancies etc. TNPSC released notification and invited online applications for the recruitment of various posts through Group 2 exam.

A huge number of eligible and interested candidates applied and appeared for the exam. Candidates who had written the exam can check the answer key from the direct link provided below which is solved by various private coaching institutions.

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