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If you don’t see what you are after, email us: If you would like to advertise to over unique visits a week, please email ads westone. Surprisingly enough we get asked a number of questions quite often, so we have put this page up to make it easier for you to get answers to them, and to stop you from asking them! No, this qualifies as an urban myth. The factory was owned by Singer Originally they made wooden cabinets for sewing machines and when they ran into difficulties they closed the factory. This is pure seller hype. If you turn off the active circuit in the Thunder IA, it is a Thunder I – same woods,same pickups etc, there is no difference in the sound. Is the Thunder I much rarer than the IA? The Thunder I was sold widely through home shopping catalogues as well as music shops, and as it was cheaper may have outsold the IA. It is certainly not much rarer, both models are extremely common.

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My Guitars over the last 30 or so years. Me with my latest Strat For those of you who are nerdy enough to like this sort of thing I have tried to find pictures of similar instruments to illustrate the more unusual gems. Cost about three bob, and had a completely busted off headstock. Strung it with nylon strings I think now it should have had steel and hammered the hell out of it!

The Guitardater Project cannot verify the authenticity of ANY Guitar, this site is simply meant as a tool to satisfy the curiosity of guitar enthusiasts. This website possesses NO DATABASE of guitars made by manufactures, instead simple serial code patterns that are available on this site and in the wider guitar community are used.

Fernandes Burny Here’s a quick way to tell if you have a Matsumoku factory guitar whether branded or not. That’s a dead giveaway that you’ve got one of “Uncle Matt’s” guitars. As I said above, Fujigen and the other manufacturers produced guitars with no logos at all for sale around the world. That in itself shouldn’t cause much confusion, because we know from Hoshino that “if it doesn’t say Ibanez” it’s not an Ibanez.

However, Fujigen Gakki, the manufacturer of Ibanez-branded guitars would provide stock, no-name images to Hoshino and other distributors for use in their catalogs. Fujigen only had to take one picture of a guitar instead of one with each different brand on it. I can’t confirm this, but Fujigen may have gone as far as to produce the majority of the catalog, and Hoshino would put its “Ibanez” brand on the front and back covers. Some people have found online copies of these older catalogs a good source for these can be found at Vintage Ibanez Guitar Catalogs – through and point to the pictures without logos as evidence that “Ibanez” made unbranded guitars.

As we can see now, that’s just not true. Some unbranded guitar pictures from a Ibanez catalog: The answer to this depends on what your definition of “lawsuit” as it relates to MIJ guitars is.

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This is one of the most frustrating questions from the MIJ collector. People often make the mistake of citing the American or European importer as the ‘maker’ of the guitar, when in fact several Japanese manufacturers were producing badged guitars out of their plants and shipping them to America and Europe to sell.

Japanese manufacturers made multiple badges at the same plant, many of whom resemble each other closely. Some manufacturers merged or changed hands over the years which added to the confusion, sometime merging with another maker, only to pick up their name later.

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This remarkable specimen is the only known example of this model, which does not appear in any known catalog. It is also the only known example of an Electra guitar to be made with P pickups. The detail of the brown paper still glued to the control cavity ciover, as well as the general fit and finish of the instrument, are in every way identical to details of various models of Crown guitar, a brand known to have been distributed by Hoshino and made by Fuji Gen Gakke.

Although this is a rare Electra model, if we look at other brands we see similar copies of this model sold under other brands such as Greco. At the time any US distributor could simply order up any model and have whatever brand name and logo inlaid in pearl on the headstock. One possible explanation for this undocumented model is that it could have been ordered not by SLM, but by PCM, who distributed in much smaller quantities.

If SLM had sold this guitar it seems likely that it would show up in a catalog, or another example would appear. This example appears in ‘as found’ confdition, with missing bridge hardware and graffiti scratched into the top. It previously had a large silver belt buckle glued to the front, which came off without damage to the guitar.

The remaining glob of silicone caulk glue is still coming off, very slowly. Only a handful of other models remain. The pointy models are in full display, with only the later Monark and Dim IV not yet released. Be sure to click the images to view larger versions, they’re actually quite large to show the detail.

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Vintage Guitar Magazine – this is Vintage Guitar and all neophytes are advised to start here. Of course, my favorite part is Michael Wright’s “Different Strummer” column, which covers the history of all those wild, wacky off-brand instruments in elaborate detail. VG has also published several of my own articles over the years, some of which can be found on this site.

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Monday, 9 June My basses: Not all my basses are Wals or even British but they all have a story to tell. Featured here on this post are my Frankenjazz project bass which was based on a Signature Jazz Bass I bought off eBay, my Tony Revell hand build acoustic bass and my first ever bass, an Aria SB from Signature Jazz Bass copy: When my Pro bass was starting to look a little fragile I began looking for a second bass to use for gigging. I’d always fancied owning a Jazz bass I did have a Squier Jazz for a few years as my spare bass before I bought my first Wal.

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Electra guitar played by Eddie Kirkland Electra was a brand of electric guitars and basses manufactured in Japan and distributed in the US by two companies owned by brothers: In , the brand launched a successful comeback led by renowned luthiers Ben Chafin and Mick Donner. Unlike most other brands of imported guitars which were sourced from a single manufacturer, Electra guitars were ordered from all the Japanese factories and distributors.

As a result, early models especially vary in details and quality.

Ibanez Guitars) MARTIN Martin electric guitars were only produced between and WESTONE) Any Matsumoku-produced instrument will have the first number as the identifier for the year. Ibanez serial numbers between and had seven digits.

The Instruments of Matsumoku, St. The guitar legacy of Matsumoku Industrial Co. Louis Music during a period of 10 years from to Here, you will find information, history, pictures and specifications of these amazing instruments. German For a brief period, roughly late to early , the Westone brand was revived by a German company, Musik-Meyer, which is still in business but no longer selling Westone guitars. Our Best guess is that they were likely made in China but under relatively good quality control.

They are considered to be inferior instruments and are definitely not covered here. Our advice is to avoid them! These are cheap and somewhat gaudy looking acoustics and bear absolutely no resemblance to a Mats made instrument whatsoever. This site also sells similar poor merchandise under bastardized versions of well known brands such as Givson and Fendar.

We speculate that this was to avoid any potential copyright infringement at the time. These tend to be Super Strat type copies rather than original designs and as near as we can determine the majority of better made guitars and basses were Korean made.

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Get a low price In traditional dreadnought, jumbo Electric Guitars for sale pg 1 from Jerry’s Lefty Guitars Choose from the largest and best assortment of left-hand electric, acoustic, mandolin, ukulele, bass and lap steel guitars for lefty players only.

Guitars from Gibson, Hofner, Fender, Pan, Univox, Art & Lutherie, G&L (Leo Fender’s post Fender brand), and many more, as well as countless rare and highly sought after vintage Japanese guitars. One day only; every guitar sold to the highest bidder.

Posted 10 August – I was sure that I saw something about some Epis being made in Kalamazoo after the end of the 60’s, but a comprehensive Internet search turned up absolutely nothing to support that. Musta been in a dream. I DID find a bazillion Epiphone Sheratons for sale on a bazillion different Craigslists, so apparently others are less inclined than I am to keep theirs. Just for you Jeffery Shortly after the introduction of the Gibson ES in the spring of it was decided to market a more-upscale version of that guitar and it was decided to make it under the Epiphone brand name and to utilize the parts and components received in the Epiphone purchase.

So they took an ES and gave it extra binding and inlays as well as gold-plated parts and used the infamous “New York” single coils and the Epiphone Frequensator or an optional Bigsby rather than the stop tail piece used on the ES While sales didn’t go through the roof, the Sheraton did hold its own. The Sheraton fit right between these two models having a bit more bling than the ES , but not the Varitone of the ES while the ES had the bling factor of the Sheraton but the Sheraton didn’t have the available stereo output Varitone of the ES The Sheraton was originally available in either sunburst or natural.

By the Pre-Gibson Epiphone parts supply was dwindling but because the model had proved popular. The Sheraton was never a huge seller but was continued through the ‘s with a cherry red finish becoming available mid decade. The ‘s were a crucial time for American guitar makers and cost cutting measures and product line consolidation were the rule of the day.

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Before that Unicord was a manufacturer of electronic transformers. Around this time Unicord merged with Merson, a guitar improter that made lines like “Tempo”, “Giannini” and “Hagstrom”. In company this company was still making amps, though they were hybrid amps with tubes and transistors. Also around , the famous Hi-Flyer line was started, which continued for several years. In , Univox introduced its “Badazz”, a copy of a Guild S Some of these copies were actually made by Aria, which seems to have made a lot of copy guitars for other companies.

: Whoah! Who would do something like this to an unsuspecting Jazzmaster body? Erik explains: About a year ago you showed my ‘plank guitar’ on your blog. I have been building some more strange guitars and here are some pictures of the last project.

Never heard of it. Westone guitars were a brand sold This article about a musical There is a small amount of info here at wikipedia. Westone magazine advertisement from ebay. Westone Guitar Serial Numbers – Bing images. Westone guitars – WOW. Westone is a brand of guitars and basses started in the late s. Electra was a brand of electric guitars and basses manufactured in Japan and distributed in the US by two companies owned by brothers Westone guitars – Wikipedia – djnewhome.

Die Geschichte der Marke Westone begann in den When plugged in and tested, Hawkwind ‘sDave Brock played westones

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Aria guitar company Shiro Arai founded Arai and Company in as an importer of classical guitars. At the time, Guyatone was one of Japan’s leading musical instrument manufacturers. However, Guyatone could not meet Arai’s production requirements, and in , Arai and Company contracted musical instrument manufacturing with Matsumoku.

Shiro Arai’s early Guyatone produced guitars displayed problems when exported caused by the dryer climates in America: These issues were addressed early on with Matsumoku.

Jan 28,  · Gretsch Committee in Austin for $ inspired by the mighty Alembic basses before being quickly relegated to a slew of import Vantage and Westone guitars. Reminds me of Stanley Jordan’s guitar. Jedistar Vintage Guitar Dating and Research guide – Nice online resource for obscure brands and models;.

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