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From up to , National provided Airways companies with HRO receivers for use at airports and for airway navigation uses. The RCD provided specific airways features like squelch, relay controlled speaker selection and audio bandpass filters and single audio amplifier output sections designed for either Z ohm lines or Z ohm speakers that had internal output transformers. No S-meters, no crystal filters and most importantly, no external power supply. Undoubtedly, the Airways companies found the HRO, with its numerous idle coils and separate power supply, somewhat difficult to install and maintain. The RCD and its successors were self-contained receivers only requiring a loud speaker or telephones. This station was basically the aeronautical communications to various airplanes providing weather, flight information and other necessary communications to “in flight” aircraft. Note that there are “banks” of HRO receivers but notice the three receivers near the rear-most operator.

Hammond organ

October 25, , These are photos from an auction I attended this exact time two years ago. It was the estate of a musician who had been playing professionally for decades, and had quite a collection of high-end instruments. I dropped a ton of money on stuff I needed and could use to get other stuff I needed, but the key high-end items there were a collection yes, a collection of Hammond organs, Leslie speakers, various Selmer horns, vintage Hammond simulator keyboards dating back to the 70’s and 80’s

Aretha Franklin, the Hammond B3 and Me This past week, like most people in this country, I found myself revisiting the works of Aretha Franklin. The undisputed Queen of Soul passed after a lengthy illness of pancreatic cancer just this Thursday before last.

Joe Albano gives it an in-depth whirl. There are also two classic instrument simulations—grand piano and Hammond organ. The original utilized mechanical tonewheels to create the sine waves which form the basics of the additive synthesis tones that all organs use to build up a rich sound. This was all run through a tube-based amp circuit, and, in the most common configuration, amplified by a Leslie cabinet with spinning speakers, to add a unique, rich three-dimensional ambience to the sound.

Hammond B3 and C3 models, through Leslie speakers, provided classic organ tones on hundreds of records over the last 50—60 years. This provides a more realistic simulation, but also means that you need to be familiar with the layout and controls of the original mechanical instrument to get the most out of the plug-in. The DB features not only a complete collection of the fully-adjustable knobs and sliders found on the original, but also a simulation of the separate Leslie speaker cabinet, also fully tweakable, down to overdrive characteristics and virtual mic positions.

The organ itself On the bottom of the plug-in window are two buttons and an alphanumeric readout. The buttons switch between the interfaces for the organ and Leslie cabinet, and the readout shows the value of the control currently being adjusted.

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As for jazz many people necrophiles? Here are for now what we thought you’d better know. Mail us if you need any price infos. Those who are fans of the incredible drummer Tatsuya Yoshida will be soon rewarded by a flow of releases, events and reissues, just have a look here! This Japanese duo released their first album on the French label Soleil Zeuhl and are now ready with a second opus; the band has been expanded and will see the participation of drummer Daniel Jeand’heur, known by most of you as member of the bandOne Shot, as well as Kenichi Oguchi, one of the keyboardists in the band Kenso, featured on two tracks.

Dale’s background is in rock music, dating back to Montrose, The Beach Boys, and Boston in the mid s, as well as his own solo album MindWinder. on the Hammond B3 organ throughout.

Jerry Weldon, part of Harry Connick Jr. He has a long history of working with organists, dating from his time with his good friend, the late Bobby Forrester. Lonnie Smith and Jack McDuff. His association with Gaumer brought him to the festival. We played gigs together and became good friends. After graduating from Rutgers, Weldon began years of work with vibraphonist and drummer Lionel Hampton. Gordon and Stan Getz were major influences. Weldon is optimistic about the many young players who are coming up.

Severn began bass at 7 with a short-scale instrument. Teen Town, which also includes year-old Connor Rohrer on keyboards and year-old Logan Bedard on drums, is an electric jazz band with funk and rock influences. It combines the energy of youth with tight arrangements and sophisticated improvisations. He also has four other basses at home. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Severn began to record songs for a solo EP.

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The band is as close to being called a super group as you can get. Featuring a line up of stalwarts of the local music scene, each of the members has been playing in a variety of bands before coming together as The Pillagers. Consisting of Gary Zoldos on vocals, Patrick Kane on guitar, David Bowling on rhythm guitar, Bob Rich III on bass and Jerry Augustyniak on drums their individual talents all mesh together as one for a sturdy muscular sound missing from most of today’s music.

Kane produced the disc and wrote all the tracks here with help from Zoldos on three of them.

First LSI-based Hammond console organ with drawbars, no tonewheels. This model was once erroneously advertised as a next generation top model take over the X, called X ; though, its official name was a Concorde.

A different style of pedalboard, as used in a Jens Steinhoff organ in Varna, Bulgaria An unusual octave arrangement of G2-G3 dating from the s by Samuel Joscelyne Pedal division[ edit ] In an organ with more than one keyboard, the stops and the ranks that the stops control are separated into different divisions, in which the ranks of pipes are grouped together so that they make a “focused” or coherent sound.

The sound of the pedal division is generally voiced so that the pedal division complements the sound of the great division. A few pedalboards have a pedal divide system that lets the organist split the pedalboard at its midpoint. With this system, an organist can play a melody with the right foot and a bass part with the left. It allows the sounds played on the pedals to be split, so the lower octave principally that of the left foot plays stops from the pedal division while the upper half played by the right foot , plays stops from one of the manual divisions.

The choice of manual is at the discretion of the performer, as is the ‘split point’ of the system. Controls[ edit ] In some organs, a wooden panel called a “kickboard” or “kneeboard” is installed above the pedalboard, between the pedals and the lowest manual keyboard. Expression pedals, coupler controls and toe studs to activate stops or stop combinations may be located on or set into the kickboard.

Expression pedals are used to open and close shades or shutters that enclose the pipes of a given division. Combination pistons are used to make rapid stop changes from the console on organs with electric stop action. Toe studs are pistons that can be operated by the feet, which change either the pedal stops or the entire organ. In some organs, a “pedalboard check” mechanism serves as a safety catch, to shut off the pedalboard keys.

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Swing on the Rocks explores “soundscapes” in a nod back to the progressive rock of the s. Headphone icons on the album notes indicate where these features enhance the listener’s experience. Dale’s background is in rock music, dating back to Montrose, The Beach Boys, and Boston in the mid s, as well as his own solo album MindWinder. Enlisting phenomenal arranger Rick Walsh who worked with iconic artists like Linda Ronstadt and Metallica in its legendary San Francisco Symphony performance , Dale uses his powerful and dynamic vocals to reinvigorate these rock classics.

On Swing on the Rocks, Dale is surrounded by an piece big band style orchestra that features amazing guitar solos and the impressive stylings of Paul Shaffer of the CBS Orchestra on Late Night with Dave Letterman on the Hammond B3 organ throughout, creating a riveting roller coaster of a musical ride.

With twenty-one exciting lessons, ‘Hammond Organ Complete’ will show you step-by-step how to master this incredible intstrument. You will find yourself playing along to the accompanying CD, which provides you the opportunity to try out your new techniques, in no time/5(3).

Popeye the Sailor is the Ur example of the comic book superhero. He’s heroic only to Olive Oyle however, many others sometimes including innocent bystanders are often brutally killed. Psycho is considered to be the Ur-example of the Slasher Flick , although it doesn’t actually have many of the tropes associated with more modern slasher films, being more of a classic serial-killer movie. Another possible candidate for the Ur-example of the Slasher Flick would be the film Thirteen Women , which predates the classic proto- slashers Psycho and Peeping Tom also by twenty-eight years.

Thirteen Women codifies the genre as follows: Nanook Of The North is considered the Ur-example of the Nature Documentary , as well as the first major documentary film ever released.

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Product Information Quiz Organ Identification It is not unusual to have situations where a new Hammond Organ owner may not readily be able to identify the instrument he or she has. This page has been designed to help individuals find the model and serial number plate on the Hammond Organ instrument. Also one might make a determination by comparing to a picture of a unit or one might eliminate a model possibility just by looking at a picture.

In the case of instruments made back in the mid to late s, the serial plate probably has the Hammond Instrument Company as the manufacturer name along with the serial number on a metal plate. The plate is most often located on a shelf in the rear of the organ or in the lower right hand corner of the cabinet in the back of the instrument.

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