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Originally, Jinyoung debuted under the stage name Jr. The drama began airing on January 30, on KBS. Countdown on May His bandmate JB also had a role in the drama, which aired for twenty episodes beginning April 3. On December 24, , the two members of JJ Project debuted as part of a 7-member boy band called Got7. The film follows a high school student, played by Park, who moves to the town of Goseong where he meets a girl, played by actress Ji Woo, who is an outcast because of suspicions about her father. The movie had its world premiere at the Jeonju International Film Festival.

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You both lean in for a kiss to end the night. Right when your lips were going to touch the door swings open to reveal an angry JB. You know you were supposed to be here earlier. And who are you? Your date starts to introduce himself but JB cuts him off. What has gotten into you?

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Since you all were curious about the ending to Just Sorry smut, I decided to continue! Hope you like it. Just think of this chapter as a calm before the storm. Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, Word Count: In fact, Jaebum was the one in charge of everything in the house. And with the help of a great staff and investments coming from various countries wanting to expand Im Construction, the brunette was soon climbing the ladder to success.

Now at the age of twenty-five, Im Jaebum was one of the top five multi-millionaire bachelors in South Korea. Everyone wanted to be his right-hand man but only six were able to prove their loyalty. You were never given too much details about their positions though.

Bts & Got7 dating Scandals

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Sehun AU Word Count: She was a dance major and when she got an offer to study abroad in England she took the chance as fast as she could. She knew it would hurt him, but this was her life and her dream. He loved and cared about her to much to do that, but as one year turned to two years and two turned to three he felt that love fading. He never thought he would see the day the sun shone brighter than she did, but as she stood directly in front of him he told himself to never say never.

Although she knew she had hurt him deeply she still wanted him. To see him everyday. She looked towards the ground mindlessly fumbling with her fingers trying to find the words to say. She wanted to curse, to scream, but she knew she had no right to. Sehun had missed her like hell and for three years she somehow only managed to call him twice. Searching his eyes for the love that once resided there, but it was gone and it was replaced with resentment. Pain truly does come in waves and she was certainly being swept away in that moment.

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So this post is in reference to this other reaction: GOT7 as your best friends. And… I know that I went a bit crazy with this post, but it was fun to do this reaction. You were over at the dorm and you and Mark were in the middle of a BFF nap session while the rest of GOT7 spoke in the kitchen talking about whether you guys were dating or not. When you both woke up and went to get something to eat, they all were there.

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Barely paying attention to the screen I enjoyed the food I had in front of me. My eyes were closed until suddenly I heard the heard Chanyeol’s name and my ears began to ring. My eyes shot wide and all my attention turned to the screen I began to turn up the volume. Now we all know that it has to be true just look at those two! Placing my ramen bowl on the coffee table I lost my hunger completely. I couldn’t understand how I could be so dumb to fall for a guy who obviously will ever like me!

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May I request a long one-shot with GOT7 Mark where those rumors are going around about that girl name Jessica where they are dating but it’s not true. You’re a idol under jyp as well but you’re senior with a snsd style if I may add but as the rumor spread the reader become worried they may be true and stop to everyone around and cry during a interview when it’s mention but later on during both group japan tour Mark plans an even for you. Fans are in an uproar.

These rumors were starting to get ridiculous. At least you thought you were. With you both being idols, you rarely saw each other anymore.


Credit to gif owner xoxo Jackson: Neither of you knew that even Japan was a bad place to go and travel. You were in Japan for an interview you were in charge of and Jackson was there just to spend time with you since it was in off season time for Got7. Neither of you knew about the pictures until the day they were posted, the same day Jackson had an interview with Got7 and a company. Jackson scratched the back of his neck completely caught off by the question.

He looked at his leader silently asking him for help. Jaebum gave him a knowing look. Jaebum cleared his throat and nudged him to speak. The person I am with is very special to me. I hope our fans are okay with this.

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You just arrived back to Korea and Incheon airport flooded with fans screaming your name out. Your manager started to block them off with the help of at least 20 other guards. You got close enough to one fan for you to hold their hand, you bowed to them, smiled and said hi.

Thank you guys so much for all the likes and re-blogs I received for Part 1 and its teaser. I really appreciate it guys! I hope you guys enjoy this Part also! He looked up from the menu and your breath caught in your throat. You blinked and shook your head slightly. Your smile faded and you tried your hardest to get it back but your lips refused to curl upwards.

Did Jaebum actually start spreading rumors? He knows better than that. You had to ask him. You had to know right then and there. You really did not expect the answer Yugy gave to your question. It was painful, yet blissful.