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People came by stage coach and ferry. They came to fish off the shore, to enjoy the natural beauty of the Atlantic Ocean pounding against the long strip of sandy beach, to collect seashells, or just to sit back and watch the rolling surf. Whether he knew it or not, Isaac Coffin’s Inn began a new era. Soon other boarding houses were built on the strip of sand. The activity attracted some prominent businessmen from the Eastern Shore, Baltimore and Philadelphia. They came not so much to visit as to survey this attractive barrier island. A decision was made to develop it and lots were cut into it. It was a good investment. The Atlantic Hotel opened July 4, Besides the beach and ocean it offered dancing and billiard rooms to the visitors of its more than rooms.

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Rich Hill Farm Date Listed: Rich Hill is a two-story, gable-roofed frame building built probably in the in the early to mid 18th century but with alterations dating to c. The house has a double chimney on one end and a one-story frame wing with central chimney on the other. The main house possesses many architectural features that are significant to the study and interpretation of the vernacular architecture of the Southern Maryland region.

The principal facade of Rich Hill faces southeast and is four bays wide at the first floor level.

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With recent temps hitting the sixties, I thought it a good time to head for the quiet waters of southern Maryland. Checking the weather channel, this decision might be premature…but no worries…St. Although now I keep my sailboat in Solomons, Maryland, I have sailed the lower Potomac River for the better part of 15 years. My boat was berthed at a marina on Herring Creek about 4 miles from St.

When I took my road trip I was unaware of how much things had changed. Casual is an understatement. But just like in nature, out of ruin there springs new life. Before venturing on to St.

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The summer house is a rare extant hexagonal structure with a shingle roof, shiplap siding, and a cupola. Dendrochronological analysis has shown that the original structure was built in the spring of or shortly thereafter. The William Still Cabin is a single-story framed house, with a later addition at one end. The addition was not sampled as part of this study.

Linchester Mill is a two and a half story frame structure, four bays long and two bays deep, with a two story lean-to addition on the east side and a one story lean-to addition on the west side. The original building was 3 bays wide, with the additional bay being added on the west side around

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Shepard “Shep” Rose About the Show This season on Southern Charm, relationships old and new are tested as the women are turning the good old boys club on its head. With years of friction seemingly behind them, Kathryn and Thomas reached a custody agreement and have officially moved forward. Kathryn, now an independent woman, is marking her territory in Charleston and has high hopes of growing closer with the ladies of the group. Meanwhile, Thomas has found a new love interest, Ashley, who has relocated to the city and is shaking up the newly solid ground he and Kathryn have finally found.

After years of fighting motherhood, Cameran welcomes her first child, Palmer, to the world. However, despite focusing on raising her daughter, Cameran still finds herself doling advice to the childish members of the crew. Meanwhile, Shep is fresh off his search for love that didn’t go as planned and wonders if he is cut out for a life of romance. After a contentious breakup, Craig and Naomie struggle to remain friends, realizing quickly how hard it is to move on in a small town where everyone knows your business.

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RV Rental Southern Maryland If you’re looking to vacation near the soothing sound of the lapping waves, with cries of seagulls overhead, look no further than southern Maryland. The charm of the Chesapeake makes this area the perfect spot to relax and soak in some sea life.

Mecklenburg Declaration There are those who say Polk, then commander of the Mecklenburg County, North Carolina militia, called a meeting in at the courthouse he had built. In the middle of that meeting, a courier rode into town and announced shocking news: British troops had fired on Americans at Lexington, Mass. The American Revolution had begun. All that day and into the next, they drew up the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, declaring their freedom from Britain. The handwritten original of the Mecklenburg Declaration is said to have burned in a fire at the home of John McKnitt Alexander, secretary to the drafting committee.

The document was reconstructed from Alexander’s notes, but was not published until decades later. For that reason, some historians question its authenticity. So did Thomas Jefferson, whose national Declaration of Independence was adopted more than a year after the Mecklenburg Declaration. General William Howe ordered Maj. General Henry Clinton to sail south as part of a campaign to capture the port city of Charleston and gather the support of Southern Tories.

On February 26, they learned that 1, Rebels were waiting with two cannon at Moore’s Creek Bridge After a council of war, the Highlanders decided to fight. They walked right into a trap and got obliterated by the Rebels.

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Southern Maryland is still somewhat rural, but suburbanization from Washington, Smaller but much older Irish populations can be found in Southern Maryland, with some roots dating as far back as the early Maryland colony. This population, however, still remains culturally very active and .

Credits Southern Underground Railroad Though we may never know with any certainty what motivated Marylanders of all walks to violate the laws of their state by helping those on the run, the record reflects that many did indeed assist fugitives from slavery. This type of activity has been traditionally interpreted as situated in free states, not slave states like Maryland click map at left for more. Recognition has been afforded the fact that the South was indeed the source of slaves fleeing during the Antebellum Era, and that to actually reach a free state – to tap into the organized network for assistance in the free states known as the Underground Railroad – constituted no mean feat.

Yet little recognition has been afforded the environments out of which the slaves fled, including but not limited to the slave communities on the plantations and other environments of bondage, as having helped to foster these results – successful flight. Stripped of long refuted notions of the inferiority and complete dependency of enslaved communities, evidence suggests that Southerners black and white had a role to play in helping slaves cross the Mason-Dixon Line.

Such a role employed conventions of assistance, if not a true system. The most important attribute of these conventions of assistance reveal Antebellum communities, especially in Maryland, to have represented something of a network that complemented the more formal, regional networks of the free states.

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By Amira Hasenbush, Andrew R. At the same time, statewide employment protections have stagnated. In the last 6 years, only one new state has passed a law protecting LGBT employees from discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation. The states that do not provide protections largely cluster in the Midwestern, Mountain and Southern Regions of the country.

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Reconstruction Cultural life Maryland has its share of such nationwide phenomena as the decay of cities, little restraint on commercial development in some suburban and rural areas, and loss of local cultural distinctiveness. Yet Maryland has become a recognized national leader in the fight against urban decay and sprawl. Programs have been put in place to slow down the conversion of farmland and forests to residential development.

Smart growth has been intended not to halt growth but to channel it into existing urban and suburban areas. Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. In almost a different world are the tiny communities located on various islands of Chesapeake Bay, in which isolation has worked to preserve distinct attitudes and ways of life. The outdoors looms large in the life of Marylanders.

Popular activities include sailing and crabbing on the bay, trolling for ocean marlin, shooting wild ducks and geese in the marshes of the Eastern Shore, playing the game of lacrosse derived from an Indian sport , beachcombing for fossil shark teeth at Calvert Cliffs, exploring mountain caves, skiing and whitewater rafting in western Maryland, and hiking the mile km stretch of the Appalachian Trail across Maryland. Yacht sailing on Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.

Notable are the horse-racing venues at Laurel, Bowie , and Pimlico, the latter the home of the annual Preakness Stakes May. Baltimore has a professional baseball team, the Orioles, and gridiron football team, the Ravens. Restaurants present a plethora of cuisines, but the traditional gastronomy of Maryland tends to be centred on terrapin soup, steamed crabs, padded oysters fried oyster patties , fish and crab cakes, and beaten biscuits Southern-style unleavened biscuits , often accompanied by Maryland rye and beer.

Among Marylanders who have made major contributions to artistic and intellectual traditions are H.

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