Chomee gets dumped by Arthur Mafokate for SMSing Bonang’s boyfriend

SAADA is funded by various corporate and government departments. The events will take the form of talent search shows throughout the nine South African provinces culminating in beneficiaries being selected to participate in the 12 month SAADA programme. The official launch in Newtown The official press launch was held in Museum Africa in Newtown on Wednesday. All the more fitting given the frustration echoed in the room. A representative from Can Do reiterated their support for Arthur and the initiative, pointing out that as a white person he had come to appreciate South African indigenous talents more since being involved with Mafokate on the Can Do campaigns. Proceeding ended with an impromptu photo-op with all the artists present at the event. Sadly this moment was overshadowed by the MC giving the artists a microphone to speak about an organisation they clearly knew nothing about.

Chomee finds ‘strange underwear’ under boyfriend Euphonik’s bed

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According to rumours, kwaito star and producer, Arthur Mafokate, left Chomee because she had cheated on him with DJ Euphonik Both Euphonik and Chomee denied the claims at that time. According to The Juice, this is the latest story that is making rounds: “Chomee and Euphonik have been dating.

Senator Sinodinos, the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, is currently on leave and believes the prognosis is very positive and that the cancer is eminently treatable. Christopher Pearce The minister announced two weeks ago that he was taking a period of medical leave and said he expected to be back as soon as practicable. At the time, Senator Sinodinos requested privacy and did not disclose the nature of his illness.

The NSW senator, who served as chief of staff to former prime minister John Howard for a decade and is one of the most respected figures in the Federal Parliament, confirmed to Fairfax Media he has been undergoing treatment for cancer for the last two weeks. Senator Sinodinos has not disclosed the type of cancer he is fighting. Advertisement Senator Sinodinos chose to reveal his fight to Fairfax Media to put to bed suggestions he may not return to work, and to make clear that he fully expects to return to politics fighting fit.

Senator Sinodinos’ recent weight loss has not gone unnoticed by parliamentary friends and colleagues, some of whom have been concerned that he may step down from the ministry or even leave the Parliament. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

Arthur and Chomee are totally back togetherit seems!

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Cici further told Drum magazine that she was not the reason behind Chomee and Arthur’s break-up. She explained that the former couple broke up in and that she only dated Arthur two years later.

Showbiz The highly successful TV presenter cum entrepreneur , Bonang, has continued to cling on to her relationship with Euphonik despite rumours of cheating and a love child. Reports of Euphonik cheating on the former Clash of the Choirs presenter with kwaito singer, Chomee made headlines recently. Euphonik real name Themba Nkosi was embroiled in a steamy affair with the Muvhango actress, which led to her being dumped by her beau, record label boss, Arthur Mafokate.

Euphonik and Chomee collaborated on a track and video together last year, which is apparently what lead to their decision to take their on screen chemistry seriously. While Queen B, as she is fondly known, refused to comment on the affair, she took a vacation to Italy, without Euphonik, leading to speculation of their break up.

However, the two have since been spotted together again, meaning they have not broken off their four-year union. Instead, it seems Matheba has forgiven Euphonik for his latest indiscretion as she has in the past. In addition, Matheba posted several pictures to her Instagram account of herself seated in the passenger seat of a Rolls Royce. RR — the bae! Euphonik also posted an image of himself standing next to a Rolls Royce a few days ago.

Chomee opens up about leaving Arthur

He also made his mark on the modelling world, having taken the Mr Soweto title and achieved runner-up status in the Mr South Africa competition. But, in spite of these successes and potential career directions, Arthur instinctively knew he wanted to be involved in the music business. Drawing inspiration from his role model, Chicco, Arthur set about looking for a recording deal, and , after some intermittent success, he secured a deal with CCP records.

However, the time spent working on these two projects enabled Arthur to hone his skills as a producer as well as a performer and songwriter, preparing the way for the album which, in many ways, changed the face of the local music industry.

It was said then that Mafokate had been secretly dating Chomee for some time. It was revealed that Mafokate has now let the cat out of the bag and confirmed .

How Arthur Mofokate abused me — Cici Watch: In the first incident, Cici, born Busisiwe Twala, allegedly bled from her vagina, and broke her pelvic bones in the second and latest assault South African Musician Cici She then broke up with Mafokate, returned his car and moved out of their Midrand love nest after she was hospitalised and her broken pelvic bones operated on following the June incident.

The singer, 30, is living at a secret location in Joburg where she is recuperating under the care of her mother and sister. Mafokate allegedly threatened to commit suicide after the Runaway hitmaker kicked him to the curb and opened a case of assault against him. She has also left his record label, Music, and has joined hip-hop powerhouse Ambitiouz Entertainment. Mafokate also opened a case of malicious damage to property against the songstress. Upon return, Mafokate was given a court date for August 4 and Busisiwe August 7.

Mafokate requested written questions to be sent to him via SMS but had not responded at the time of going to print. Instead, he posted the questions on his Instagram page. In an exclusive interview with Sunday World from Ambitiouz Entertainment studios in Midrand this week, Cici broke down when she related how the kwaito king had allegedly abused her since they started dating.

She said she met Mafokate in at an event in Newtown, Joburg, and joined his record label later as an artist. She said all was hunky-dory until July last year when he allegedly strangled and dragged her on the floor after a fight over a cellphone. He refused and we got into an altercation which led to him choking me and dragging me out of the bedroom. We then tumbled down the stairs and when he got up, he chokked me again and dragged me into the guest room.

Chomee and Arthur are back together

The woman, a financial advisor whose name is known to Independent Newspapers was seated on ZUma’s left and started the evening with polite yet friendly conversation with the president. As dinner and drinks were served the woman, wearing a golden jacket, became increasingly familiar with Zuma, joking with him and touching his arm, while Zuma seemed to do his best to remain aloof yet polite.

She, however, appeared to be more concerned about the woman in the golden jacket. From her body language, it seemed she had been given the task of gently shielding the president from the woman’s attentions. Zuma a teetotaler, drank Coke Zero with his dinner.

Chomee was discovered by Arthur Mafokate in and was contracted as a dancer for Music; this was at the height of the Kwaito genre with the label among those setting the tone and the standard in the South African music scene.

My parents, aunts, uncles, and other adults looked at us in horror because they thought we were going into some kind of fit. We were hip, we were the fresh, new generation, we watched American Bandstand. We knew how to dance. You bend your legs, spread them apart, and start shaking your butt. Young women think it makes them look sexy.

They should think again. There were lots of negative comments about it even though I think some of those comments were said for political correctness. She was just twerking her little heart out. The video was so offensive that VEVO pulled it off the web and banned it after ten minutes of its released. Yes, Rihanna was having a real twerk-off. Why are these young singers consumed with dancing so provocatively? Does Miley believe that twitching against Robin Thicke with her tongue sticking out of her mouth touching her chin is somehow appealing?

It Looks Like Chomee And Arthur Are Finally Back Together!

In the first incident, Cici, born Busisiwe Twala, allegedly bled from her vagina, and broke her pelvic bones in the second and latest assault. She then broke up with Mafokate, returned his car and moved out of their Midrand love nest after she was hospitalised and her broken pelvic bones operated on following the June incident. The singer, 30, is living at a secret location in Joburg where she is recuperating under the care of her mother and sister.

Mafokate allegedly threatened to commit suicide after the Runaway hitmaker kicked him to the curb and opened a case of assault against him.

Cici further told Drum magazine that she was not the reason behind Chomee and Arthur’s break-up. She explained that the former couple broke up in and that she only dated Arthur two years later.

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I didn’t even ask what went down when I saw the guys the stadium the following morning – they were babalaazed, that much I know! Am scared at the behaviour!!! Do ya’ll have any idea how much make-up some of these artist put n their faces to look so good. Arthur Mafukate aka King of Kwaito if he still calls himself that really sucks and only the gods know what would happen to his carreer without those lil’ and Old girls in the skimpy rags they’d like to call “outfits” ?


Cici admits that she never should’ve dated Arthur Mafokate The singer realises that it was a mistake dating in the industry. Cici has learned that mixing business with pleasure is never a great thing to dabble with and admits that industry dating is a route she does not want to take anymore. I should’ve stuck to the memo of never dating in the industry, it will never happen again.

I was never home. We felt it wasn’t fair to both of us because we weren’t getting anything out of it. It felt necessary to go our separate ways.

The Urban pop songstress Chomee, born as Thulisile Madihlaba, 27, has apparently threatened to commit suicide as her turbulent relationship with boyfriend Arthur Mafokate continues to fall apart. Mafokate declined to comment on the matter.

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I mean the true blue skirt-chasers. The first one I can recall is a chubby, gruff, foul-mouthed photographer I met in my barely-twenties while I was an intern at the Sunday Times. I made no effort to endear myself to him. His unabashed township manner was far too removed from the ideal I had in mind at the time — to remove myself as far away as possible from my own unseemly working class background and to run into the arms of eloquence, impeccable graces and flawless sophistry.

Especially if, at that moment, the cops are gathered upwind around a police Nyala ten metres away in one of the most securitised parts of the country. Even if it was kak Limpopo majat. There are branch members and ministers. And there is Thabo Mbeki, the president of the Republic. All the political kingmakers and leg-breakers are in attendance, including provincial secretaries, factional strategists and organisers — many dusty from a two-year campaign of lobbying, caucusing and mobilising.

ARTHUR Mafokate is done with music and is allegedly clearing all traces thereof out of his life. Chomee, through Cici. “Cici made the mistake of relying too much on Arthur,” the insider said. “Before she came to Jozi, she was dating a doctor who stayed in Westville, Durban.

View Images A view of the ruins of Tintagel castle, built in the 13th century by English royals eager to strengthen their ties to legendary King Arthur, who was said to be conceived at the site. Excavations at Tintagel , a rocky promontory on the coast of Cornwall, have revealed evidence of massive stone fortifications and luxury goods imported from as far away as modern-day Turkey, all dating to a poorly understood period in British history that began with the collapse of Roman rule on the island around A.

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Sika Lekhekhe – Arthur