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History Squier Stratocaster Standard. Fender, under the ownership of CBS , acquired the Squier brand name in when it bought a USA based string making firm, but it lay dormant for many years. Until the introduction of the Fender Squier series, Fender had never produced lower priced guitars based on its main Stratocaster and Telecaster designs and had always used different model designs for its lower priced guitars. In the late s and early s Fender was facing competition from lower priced Japanese made guitars. The higher priced Fender guitars were made in America and could not compete with the lower prices of Japanese made Fender copies. In the early s, Japanese labour and production costs were much lower than in America and to compete with the Japanese made guitars, Fender moved the lower priced Fender guitar production from America to Japan. Fender began negotiations with several Japanese musical instrument distributors and reached an agreement with Yamano Gakki and Kanda Shokai to establish Fender Japan.

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This guitar manufacturer started out as a parts supplier in the early s. Atlansia didn’t begin production of guitars under their badge until infamous engineer and designer Nobuaki Hayashi of Matsumoku fame became the company’s president and chief designer in the late s.

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I saw your question earlier, but I didn’t see any description or info on the guitar at that point. Could it be black, with black hardware? Maple neck thru poplar body. That’s the King V, they started making in Do you think yours could be from around ?

MODE D’EMPLOI: Cet argus est une orientation sur les tendances des quotations maximum utilisées pour des questions d’assurances et autres évaluations de collection.

This is one of the most frustrating questions from the MIJ collector. People often make the mistake of citing the American or European importer as the ‘maker’ of the guitar, when in fact several Japanese manufacturers were producing badged guitars out of their plants and shipping them to America and Europe to sell. Japanese manufacturers made multiple badges at the same plant, many of whom resemble each other closely.

Some manufacturers merged or changed hands over the years which added to the confusion, sometime merging with another maker, only to pick up their name later. In some cases a manufacturer would farm out production to various manufacturers, making it still more difficult to know who made the guitar in your hands. Parts from other guitars would be used in the making of a particular badge for a period of time because it was all the manufacturer had to hand And sometimes, the guitar which is supposed to be an MIJ guitar is actually made elsewhere Korea, Indonesia because production was moved during this period in history.

This page is a work in progress and as new information is revealed it will be added to the list.

Fender guitar body shape decision by Sergey Zhigalskiy

Musical instrument — A musical instrument is an instrument created or adapted to make musical sounds. In principle, any object that produces sound can be a musical instrument—it is through purpose that the object becomes a musical instrument, the history of musical instruments dates to the beginnings of human culture. Early musical instruments may have used for ritual, such as a trumpet to signal success on the hunt.

Cultures eventually developed composition and performance of melodies for entertainment, Musical instruments evolved in step with changing applications. The date and origin of the first device considered an instrument is disputed.

This is the story of the Fender Mustang electric guitar. This story was compiled from many articles with information about the Fender Mustang guitar, contributions from readers like you, and my ownership of various Fender Mustangs over the years.

Hi Gavin, Just ran across your website and thought I’d see if you and your team had any idea what this guitar is. I’m not a guitar player nor musician. But the reason I’m contacting you is that my girlfriend’s brother died two weeks ago and left five guitars to the family. Since no one in the family plays, they’ve asked me to dispose of them.

Three were fairly easily identified while two are problematic. The one I’m asking about now is the most interesting. Other people around the world are also flummoxed which is my reason for contacting you. This is what we do know about the guitar. No other identifying marks have been found. And finally, the workmanship seems to be pretty good. Speculation about the guitar is fairly narrow but includes:

Argus des guitares GIBSON

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I’m at least partially responsible for the existence of the AL , and that’s my favorite, but they’re hard to pry loose from owners used. I have a neck-through custom of my own, but that’s going nowhere until I have nothing to say about it. I think a fret I have a couple of s and a couple of s, and honestly, the with the “blingy” abalone is more subtle in real life.

No, seriously — the various colors and black lines in the abalone make it the less noticeable at distances past about 5′. I have one with a Floyd; they came in 22 fret versions and 24 fret versions, and mine’s a standard 22 fret version. The Shred has smaller frets, no binding, 12″ radius vs. Show anyone the pair of them with the headstock logo bagged, and the Shred suffers.

I have a couple of AL Floyds, one white, one black, both with gold hardware!

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You can see what it will look like in the video below. A similar experience has been on offer in Stockholm since and has sold out shows there for three consecutive years. Speaking about the new London venture, Ulvaeus said: The Party to The O2 will add to this already vibrant cultural destination and provide the perfect location for our exciting new show. In a press statement released in April, the band said:

Are you seeking reliable information and or the evaluation of your vintage guitar’s actual real world value today? We can send a quick Paypal invoice to you for this E-Appraisal and get started The Original hardware is still there and is still working well, The orig Kluson tuners are here,all 3-staggered pole black bottomed yellow stamped original pickups are here and sounding better than ever,..

This guitar does come with its Vintage Hard Shell Case as well and is in prety nice shape too This strat plays like butta with the greatest of ease and sounds just about as good as it gets. This one comes with its ohsc Vintage White Guard Tortoiseshell guard pictured is optionally available. This guitar Fender Tele plays like only a real good vintage tele can very impressive Its been and will continue to be a great investment and truly is a joy and wonder to play These Great mid 60’s Fenders are climbing in value every year and have never gone down We changed out some key parts as well Let me know if you would like to order one for us to build for you Have one your looking to sell?

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What I find most interesting of all, is the extremity of opposing views on the early Korean Squier Stratocasters, first produced in Some say they were excellent; some say they were absolute rubbish. Very few guitars have polarised opinion in quite such a fashion on the basis of their quality. Lake Placid Blue was one of just four colours in which the original Korean Squier Strats were available. A quarter of a century is a long time. Not only that, but these inexpensive instruments have often changed hands numerous times.

I will try to get a pic this weekend. Mine wasn’t from Japan. He tells me that Fernandes used stickers and that he has no way to find out where and when it was made I also saw a handful of Burny Les Paul style guitars with “Made in Korea” stickers, which leads me to believe that at one point in the early s, Fernandes tried to set up shop in South Korea. I can usually date them by headstock shape and type of logo on it.

Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories Wanted: Gallery In any case, and in my opinion, there is really no comparison between the Japanese and Chinese or Korean models – the Japanese just have higher standards of fernandes serial number dating and materials while the same standards are not always upheld elsewhere, even under Japanese direction.

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